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A good time up in the Arctic


We have just returned to the NIOZ from our stay in Ny-Ålesund. It was an even longer way southwards than the one northwards… from Monday at 11:00 until Wednesday at 19:00. The time passed by fast between sampling and filtering, but we found time to take also some ice samples near the glaciers. During this time we also had Royal visits in the lab, the fox showed up her new 8 cubs litter, we had the midsummer party (almost warm…), and we had one day to walk around (7 hours walking!!!). (lees verder…)

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The sampling

Chapter 2: The Sampling

Eva Sintes blogt vanuit Ny-Ålesund in Noorwegen. Vandaag stuurt zij een filmpje.


The long way to polar research

The Travel

This year we are staying for the second time in Kings Bay, Ny-Ålesund (Norway) to investigate the marine microbial organisms (bacteria and viruses) and the influence of the melt water from the North Pole glaciers on them. To arrive (lees verder…)